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  • S U M M E R S L I M ™ – BURN is a 100% natural fat burner product. Since stimulants are the key ingredient in most slimming and weight loss products, we had to look at weight loss from a different angle. BURN was developed for people THAT ARE NOT sensitive to Fat burner ingredients that sometimes lead to discomfort.BURN aims to treat the cause, helping the body function the way it should, focusing on blood sugar levels, the digestive system, stress, and so much more!


    BURN is only for the management of weight loss. Co-administration with Combination of Summer Slim Combo product/s developed can be taken together. Co-administration of any other product/s for weight loss is not recommended. In the attempt to increase the effect of BURN the dosage must not be acceded, and should not be taken if Pregnant, Breastfeeding, High un-medicated Blood Pressure. BURN is not intended to diagnose treat, cure or prevent any diseases.  It also has not been evaluated by the Medical Council. Administration of any of our products can be taken up under the advisement from your medial Practitioner.

    SIDE EFFECTS AND SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS:  The following adverse reactions may occur: a headache, gastrointestinal cramps and dry mouth hot and cold chills. Symptoms usually occur within the 1st 3 days of use after which symptoms are reduced.

    • Burn Fat
    • jump start your metabolism
    • Improve circulation
    • Boost Immune system
    • Metabolise carbohydrates
    • Increase energy
    • Digestive support
    • Apatite suppression
    • Detoxification



    • Vitamin B5,
      Summer Slim`s Enzymatic Blend
      Raspberry Ketones
      L- Tyresine

    • Vitamin B5

      It performs a wide variety of functions in our body, including the production of neurotransmitters in the brain, the fabrication of steroids, and the extraction of fats, proteins, and other vital nutrients from food.In a nutshell, the essence of vitamin B5 affects every important aspect of your health.


      Guarana is still used as medicine. Guarana is used for weight loss, to enhance athletic performance,  and to reduce mental and physical fatigue. It also can create a reduction in appetite.

      Summer Slim`s Enzymatic Blend

      This Enzymatic Blend of BURN  is unique to BURN ONLY, formulated to assist your body`s needs to help process and digest every bit of nutrients and food you eat. Our blend will help you eat smaller amounts and get the most out of it, without your body craving for more. It helps all the other Natural Ingredients formulated in our BURN product to boost the fat burning potential.

      Raspberry Ketones

      Raspberry Ketones causes the body to produce more adiponectin, a protein that helps to regulate metabolism and break down stored fat. Scientists found that Raspberry Ketone improves and even prevents obesity and fatty liver by alerting lapid (fat) metabolism.


      A flowering plant that has long been a part of herbal medicine due to its reputation as a wellness booster. As a diuretic may encourage urine flow, which helps with cleansing the kidneys, bladder, liver, and urethra. The removal of wastes and the cleansing action attributed to increased urine output and kidney support. Tribulus is an herb that may positively affect mood, stress, and anxiety.


      Bioperine has a thermogenic effect on your body which means that it ups your bodies core temperature. This results in an increased metabolism and the body being able to burn fat faster. Bioperine also acts as a catalyst thereby increasing the absorption of all the other ingredients.


      Endotoxin-binding capabilities contribute to it anti-inflammatory effects. It has a  hepatoprotective action, meaning it protects the liver cells. The optimal liver function is imperative for overall wellness because of that organ’s essential roles of filtering toxins, storing nutrients and producing hormones and digestive substances.

      L- Tyresine

      By supporting the conversion to catecholamines, L- tyrosine supplement can boost physiological processes that produce feelings of energy – Thus releasing energy stores. increased metabolism and the body being able to burn fat faster.

    1. RECOMMENDED DOSAGE – SUMMERSLIM™ BURN –  (30 CAPSULES) Adults above the age of 18yrs – 1 capsule daily, taken in the morning before or 30 min after Breakfast. Please avoid evening dosage as this may induce insomnia. Drink at least 2.5 lt of water per day.