Bullet Coffee Sachets


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Bullet Coffee Sachets

Bullet Proof Coffee Sachets when you're 'On-the-Go' and you need your Collagen & MCT powder fix. Each box comes with 14 pocket size sachets containing Collagen & MCT Powder to add to your favourite coffee, smoothie, tea or smoothie bowl.  Easy to pack and carry, simply tear open and add the contents of the sachets to your favourite drink.

Comes with all the health and skincare & joint-repair benefits of Collagen as well as the healthy energy boost from MCT powder which also promotes gut health.

- Easy and convenient
- 14 single serving sachets
- Adds a lovely creamy flavour to your drink
- Each sachet is 22.5g of MCT & Collagen 

10g Hydrolised Bovine Collagen
10g MCT powder
2.5g of Freeze Dried coffee

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