Beauty Bullet Sachets


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  • Beauty Bullet Sachets
  • Beauty Bullet Sachets
  • Beauty Bullet Sachets

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Beauty Bullet Sachets

On The Go sachets for the busy 'Girlboss' out there. Pop these in your handbag and have your collagen while out and about.

Collagen contains 18 amino acids that is associated with a number of health benefits. Collagen may improve skin, health by reducing wrinkles, dryness, improves elasticity & has anti-aging properties. They may also help increase muscle mass, prevent bone loss, and relieve joint pain. 
ADDED VITAMIN C ensures rapid absorption.

Each box contains x14 On-The-Go Sachets.

Hydrolysed  •Peptides  •Bovine •Type 1  •Gluten Free  •100% Pure
•No Colourants  •No Additives   •No Fillers 

Supports a Ketogenic diet, suitable for all diet plans. Not recommended for children. Not suitable for vegetarians.

Halaal certified

KO Kosher certified

OU Kosher certified

IFANCA certified

CDIAL certified


DISCLAIMER: Always ask your doctor's advice before using any health product, supplement or remedy. 

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