Dermaplaning Blades & 30ml Rosehip Oil


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  • Dermaplaning Blades & 30ml Rosehip Oil
  • Dermaplaning Blades & 30ml Rosehip Oil

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At home dermaplaning starter pack 

3 x Biodegradable dermaplaning blades 

30ml Rosehip Oil


Silki Dermaplaning Blades are sold in packs of 3

2-3 uses per blade

1. Start with a freshly cleansed face and use a headband to keep your hair from sticking to your face.

2. Use Silki Dermaplaning Blades on a 45-degree angle and gently stroke in the direction of the hair. We recommend dermaplaning downwards.

You can choose to dermaplane on either slightly wet skin or dry skin. Wet skin may cause the blade to slip so please handle it with care, however a gentle natural facial oil is what we recommend.
Lubricants we recommend: Rosehip Oil or  Aloe Vera Gel.

3. After each stroke, wipe the blade on a cotton pad so you can see the results.

4. Gently wash your face to remove any remaining hairs laying on the surface of your skin and then apply a facial serum.

5. Remain Make-up free for the day to reduce any chance of irritation.


    • Environmentally friendly

      Eliminates vellus hair, (peach fuzz on face)

      Instant soft, smooth and dewy skin

      Provides the perfect canvas for makeup application 

      Helps skin care products penetrate the skin easily

      Removes dry dead skin

      Rosehip Oil:

      Deeply Nourishes and Hydrates Skin

      Lessens Hyperpigmentation

      Protects against Sun Damage

      Brightens Skin

      Reduce Inflammation

      Fights Against Acne and Eczema

      Diminishes fine lines and Wrinkles

      Repairs damaged skin tissue and Stretch Marks

      Boosts Collagen formation and Skin Elasticity


      • Dermaplaning Blades

        Biodegradable wheat straw material

        Japanese stainless steel blade with protective teeth

        Anti-slip handle 

        Rosehip Oil

        30 ML  



        Locally Sourced

        Paraben Free

        Alcohol Free


        Fragrance Free

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